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Your website customized for tiny screens

Almost ubiquitously, the internet is being accessed on mobile devices and the likelihood that your site will be accessed on tablets, iPhones, and Android devices is almost certain. Armor is prepared to design a site that can fit into your customer's pocket, and does so comfortably. Mobile devices require a site that adapts content and design to a screen with ten times less resolution than your average desktop. With that in mind, our designers will take your site and create a comprehesive mobile version that will deliver your products and services in a way that is both user-friendly and functional. We enjoy creating websites from scratch, but we are also happy to give your old website new life with innovative updates and options. 

Our mobile responsive sites will detect what device you customer is using and connect them with the correct site for optimal functionality.With Armor's mobile web design, we will provide your customers a mobile version of your site that will take your business anywhere it needs to go. 

Mobile Responsive 1
Mobile Responsive 2
Mobile Responsive 3

Here are some features that work well for the smart phone and mobile web site environment:

  • Google maps
  • Blogs
  • Twitter feeds
  • Photo galleries