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Your website customized for tiny screens

More and more, the internet is being accessed on mobile devices. It's not likely that one site will work on full-size browsers and on something as small as a cell phone. To fit your website in a pocket, it should be custom made to fit properly. With Armor mobile web design, we build one site for full-size users and another for mobile devices. When searched, the site can automatically detect your visitor's device type, and then send them to the correct version.

When building another version of your site we adapt the content and design. A regular screen has about ten times the pixels that a mobile device has. With such low resolution the mobile site needs it's own simpler design. The mobile site can be adapted in part by having a simpler navigation, fewer graphics and a single column layout.

While we enjoy creating websites from scratch, we are also happy to give your old website new life and functionality with a creative new look.

Content in websites needs to be simple and to the point. If someone is reading text on a little screen in their hand, that text needs to be REALLY short. Visitors don't want to spend time reading a lot of tiny text. We'll help you shorten your pages to paragraphs and paragraphs to sentences to keep their attention.

Mobile Responsive 1
Mobile Responsive 2
Mobile Responsive 3

Here are some features that work well for the smart phone and mobile web site environment:

  • Google maps
  • Blogs
  • Twitter feeds
  • Photo galleries