Our owner was working with a client recently trying to collect on an invoice that had stretched too far, when the client responded with a rather interesting justifcation:

"Well, I just don't understand what I pay you for? I was talking to my friend and he said that I can do all of this myself."

Now, this is interesting because his friend is not at all wrong. There exist a number of very slick and very easy to use tools for free or for a relatively low cost that allow peo...
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What is Speedrunning?

Speedrunning in video games is a concept that seems foreign and even questionable to most. The idea of playing video games should be for leisure, which implies we should do it at our own pace. While this approach is fine for many, there are others who have played their favorite game(s) so much that the leisurely "normal" gameplay becomes boring—or at least predictable. With each subsequent playthrough of a game, you learn more of the secrets, get cau...
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Games of all kinds have become an integral part of our day-to-day activities. Whether it's that mobile game you hop on for a few minutes to complete your daily quests, to more dedicated gaming on your game console with friends, and even playing board games as a way to pass the time, basically everyone has or is playing a game at just about any minute in any day. With games and gaming all around us, it brings forth the question of why we all enjoy these games so much, and what brings us back....
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At the start of the year, I wrote about smart home automation, and the two main choices: the Amazon Echo (Alexa) and Google Home (Google Assistant). At the time, I found Alexa to be the clear winner. Now that it's June, I wanted to see how the smart assistants are fairing.

Meet the Contenders

Joining Alexa and Google Assistant are Cortana and Siri.

A battle for the ages: which smart assistant do you favor?


Amazon, by far, offers the most devices with whi...
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It's that time of year again, when video game developers from around the world gather in Los Angeles to give us news and a sneak peek into what they're working on and what new titles we can expect to see in the coming year. This conference is called E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This year's E3 begins with press conferences on June 9th that continue until Tuesday, June 12th.

The actual expo begins that same day and will carry us until Thursday, June 14th. Here...
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Stay in Charge: Chapter 2

Power Supplies and How to Make One

Do you ever wonder why there is a box you have to plug into the wall when you need to charge your phone? Notice how you always have to buy a specific one for each type of device? It can be a real pain (and I'm not talking just in the wallet). Those boxes are called DC Power Supplies. These clever devices are what make the energy coming into your home usable for the electronics that you want to charge. Let's take a look fu...
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Time and the Service Industry

Whether you're aware of it or not, the service industry is all around us. From lawn care to plumbing to graphic design and more, just about anything where somebody does work for you is part of the service industry. One of the biggest issues with being a part of the service industry is getting all parties involved to understand the value of time, and that time spent needs to be compensated.

There are things that we all hate to do: mowing the lawn, cleaning,...
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I don’t know about you, but I think about food what feels like all day. I’ll complete one meal and almost immediately start thinking about the next one. Being raised in a primarily Italian household, I’m pretty useful in the kitchen. However, working over 60 hours a week and being a mother doesn’t always allow for cooking extravagant meals. So with the rise of tech, it only makes sense to take advantage of what the app store has to offer in regards to food. I decided to g...
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The refreshed design is appearing for Gmail users on the web, bringing it closer to the company’s tweaks for Gmail on mobile devices. Google is implementing smart replies for Gmail on the web, the same feature from mobile Gmail that provides suggestions to quickly reply to emails. A new snooze feature also lets you temporarily remove emails from your inbox until a certain time, so you can avoid certain email threads until you’re ready to repl...
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There are two things you need to accept before we go forward:

Virtual Reality is awesome. It is an experience that is still awkwardly growing into its own, but when it is done with care for both the experience and the user, there is nothing else that compares.
Virtual Reality is expensive. In order for an experience to be engaging, one needs a high quality, high resolution, set of very small screens, a computer capable of rendering a high-resolution image at a frame rate capable of preve...
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