Device Repair - What to do when you need I.T. Repaired

Phone & Tablet Repair

iPhone RepairLet’s face it, we’re always on our phones and we’ve all dropped our phones (and watched them fall in slow motion while our life flashes before our eyes). Your heart sinks when it hits the ground, and you pick it up to see your screen is either broken or still intact. The fact of the matter is that continued accidental mistreatment of a phone will eventually cause the screen to break. While screen protectors and a case help a little, there is still potential to break your screen. Fortunately, Armor is here to help. We’ve fixed almost every type of phone (even your dad's flip phone that you've been begging him to get rid of). We can also replace faulty batteries, endless boot-loops, etc. Plus, our screens come with a lifetime warranty (user error doesn't count). So if the screen were to ever stop responding, we’ll replace it for free.

Phone, Tablet: Tips and Care
  • If it is water damaged, remove the battery and bring it in as soon as possible.
  • If the phone's operating system is hanging up, un-install the most recent apps that have been downloaded and then reboot the phone. If it is still an issue, bring it in.
  • Your phone's battery will only last for so many full charge cycles. If you are a heavy user, keep it plugged in to extend the life of the battery. The same is true for your tablet.
  • Download all your data to your PC before you reset your phone or tablet. Also regularly check for the OS updates. Next to Windows, the Android OS has the most exploits due to people downloading poorly designed, poorly maintained, or poorly secured apps.

PC & Laptop Repair

PC & Laptop RepairArmor is here to fix all of you computer woes, including Apple devices. Whether it’s corrupted hardware, a virus, a broken laptop screen or hinge, system optimization on a slow computer, or upgrading your RAM or video card—we do it all. All of our repairs are done by our skilled, certified technicians in-house, unlike others in the area (*cough* Geek Squad *cough*). What about new computers, you ask? Our head technician Miles specializes in custom-builds. And since we stand by our work, all Armor repairs come with a 30-day guarantee.

Computer Care
  • Please keep your tower computer off the floor. It will suck up all the dust. Keep your heatsinks clean for a better performance.
  • If you crack the LCD on your laptop it is still worth fixing. The cost is much less than the new laptop that you have to spend all your time reinstalling your software.
  • Keep your laptop plugged in as much as possible. The battery functions the same way your phone and tablet do.
  • If you think you have a virus, do a Google search you know, then click the link and see if it take you somewhere it should not. If it does, or pop-ups start happening for no reason, shut it down and bring it in. If it does not, just run you virus scan on the drive and see if it finds anything. If it finds nothing, continue to operate normally.
  • If your computer has a good dual-core processor and 8GB of RAM it will still perform well as a workstation for writing, research, and data entry.

Game Console Repair

Game Console RepairWe can fix anything from the latest and greatest consoles, all the way back to vintage consoles. Whether you're struggling with a red ring of death, a disc drive not accepting discs, or a broken controller—Our techs have the skills and experience to fix your console fast so you can get back to pwning noobs (psst...we fix handhelds too).

Console Love
  • KEEP IT CLEAN, blow out the fans and heat sinks regularly.
  • Keep the Disk horizontal. Place your game console so that the motor for the hard drive and disk drive have less stress on the motor.
  • Time and temperature will kill any electronic devices. Make sure it stays cool. Do not put in an enclosed space with no air flow.

Television Repair

Television RepairHas your picture gone out but you can still hear sound? Is your TV simply not turning on? Can it not recognize an input device? Any issue you're having—we can repair.

Display Tips
  • Spend more than $25 on a Surge protector to get one that is 3300J or more. Also, replace them after 5 years. They become power strips after so many surges.
  • Don't overload your breaker for your TV and entertainment system. Dedicate one break for just the entertainment system.
  • Don't use a vacuum on the same outlet as the TV. You risk a surge to the TV.
  • If you paid less than $200 for the TV, it will not be cost-effective to repair. We will take in LCD TV's for FREE to recycle, and charge for CRT TV recycling.

What about other electronics?

Toaster on fireDoes your toaster not toast your toast anymore? Does your humidifier actually dehumidify your room? Fear no more because we can fix both! We’ve also fixed shredders, printers, rotary phones, and more. You name it; if it plugs in or has batteries—we can fix I.T.