Powerful, Beautiful, Functional Websites, and Web Apps

Your website can be a powerful promotional tool for your business. We will find the best way to visually communicate your message to your target audience. Our priority is to understand your goals and concerns. We listen, then we customize a site that works best for you and achieves your objectives. Our design studio strives to create a site that inspires confidence and promotes your business. Your site will be visually pleasing, smooth, interactive and easy to navigate. While we enjoy creating websites from scratch, we are also happy to give your old website new life and functionality with a creative new look. Your site will have flexibility designed into it. When you need to expand or change your pages and content in the future, it will be easy to update.

Almost everywhere, the Internet is being accessed on mobile devices. The likelihood that your site will be accessed on tablets, iPhones, and Android devices is almost certain. Armor is prepared to design a site that can fit into your customer's pocket and does so comfortably. Mobile devices require a site that adapts content and design to a screen with ten times less resolution than your average desktop. With that in mind, our designers will take your site and create a comprehensive mobile version that will deliver your products and services in a way that is both user-friendly and functional. We enjoy creating websites from scratch, but we're also happy to give your old website new life with innovative updates and options.

Our mobile responsive sites will detect your customer's device and connect it to the correct site for optimal functionality. With Armor's mobile web design, we will provide your customer a mobile version of your site that will take your business anywhere it needs to go. 

Industries We Serve

Armor is committed to supply the best products and services to their clients, no matter the industry. From bars and restaurants, to legal firms, screen printers, and everything in between—Armor serves them all! With the ARROW ERP System, Armor has the ability to build tools and tailor websites to each individual client, allowing for your website to work with you, and for you. With the level of precision and expertise offered by the tools integrated into the ARROW ERP System, you're sure to have the means required to help you, your brand, and your business succeed.


The Systems Behind Armor's ARROW Enterprise Resource Planning Platform

Armor has designed and built its own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Platform. Combining the functionality of a Content Management System (CMS) to control your website and the data-gathering of a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), the ARROW ERP System was born. The ARROW ERP can be customized precisely to your needs and wants. Most web services offer you a bloated CMS such as Drupal and WordPress - shipping unnecessary bloatware, and tools that cannot be customized to fit your needs. Our system works more efficiently for you, and with you. It will be filled with only the functions you need to successfully promote your business without all of the bloat of similar platforms. We stay informed of the latest trends and practices to ensure you have a site that works well in all browsers, on all devices, and on all connections.

Our custom ARROW ERP Content Management System (CMS) Software is designed for our customers to access all aspects of their website, to edit content and increase their Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our CMS is designed with an intuitive administrative interface that allows our clients to edit their website and add new features, most of the time at the click of a button. Our flexible CMS can be expanded with additional tools and modules to even further fit your business's and brand's needs, such as an image gallery manager, blogging system, RSS feed manager for your blog, sitemap, and even for podcasts, tips and FAQ managers, banner slider and banner ads system, and more. The best part about the ARROW ERP's CMS software? If there isn't a tool to fit your needs, we'll create it for you! If you need to update or change your content, our CMS makes it easy for everyone, whether you have years of programming experience or it's your first time looking at HTML.

We also support WordPress, Drupal, WiX, Concrete 5, Sugar, and many other popular forms of CMS and CRM systems.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keeps you on top of the Google list by improving the visibility of your website to search engines. For continued success, you need to rank high in search engines such as Yahoo!, Google, and Bing. Our websites are always search engine friendly, and the ARROW ERP allows for quick and easy updates to your SEO-related metadata, so you can always be on top of your search rankings. By using current and ethical SEO standards and practices we make sure the SEO of your website is modern and continually helping you, without having to worry about huge swings in ranking due to changes in the way SEO operates. All elements of your website, from the pages to your blog posts and each and every item in your shop will be optimized for greatest search engine exposure, clickthrough rates, and lead generation.

Armor Web Hosting with cPanel Our Professional Hosting utilizes our local secure servers. We use the most recent version of the cPanel interface, allowing for our clients to control the minute details of their website and email. This interface also allows for traffic monitoring, file transfer and database access, along with hundreds of additional features, giving you control of just about every aspect of your website and the systems behind it.

Armor's custom website design and development provide these key features:

  • HTML5, CSS3, with W3C standards
  • User Friendly and Easy to Use
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Networking
  • Internet Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Custom Javascript Tools
  • Electronic Business Management
  • Forms & E-mail
  • E-Commerce
  • jQuery Development
  • Photography and Video
  • Store, Retrieve, and Backup Data
  • Share Data
  • Maintain Security
  • Custom Security Suite
  • Manage Auditing
  • Reporting Tools
  • Custom Tools For Business and Brand Management
  • Image Galleries and Manipulation
  • Email Accounts
  • Google Maps
  • Blogs and Blogging Tools
  • Twitter and Facebook Integration
  • Customer Support available by Email and Phone



Billions of dollars are spent on Internet purchases every day. Armor wants to increase your sales with an efficient and easy-to-use purchasing system, one that guides your customers through transactions smoothly and efficiently. We apply leading e-commerce technology to add sales to your site and grow your Internet market. We also offer proven optimization strategies that ensure your website attracts those customers who represent increasing revenue. From SEO to pagespeed optimization and content generation, the Armor make sure your eCommerce platform works for you and with you.

We also support OScommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and other versions of eCommerce platforms.

We can add a full-featured, professional online shopping cart to your website to maintain your inventory, provide shipping quotes, collect payments, and more. Our eCommerce applications provide critical features and functions including:

  • Store and Retrieve Data
  • Maintain Inventory
  • Provide Shipping Quotes
  • Collect Payments
  • Windows and Linux
  • Product Options with Price
  • Bundle Products
  • Hot deals listing
  • Basic and Advanced Search
  • Popularity Chart
  • Sell Digital Downloads
  • WishList and Favorite's List
  • Reward points
  • Free, Fast and Reliable Back Office
  • Google Ad-Sense
  • Rental Products
  • Custom Recommendations
  • Currency Conversion
  • WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Export to QuickBooks and eBay
  • Sales forecasting
  • Print product labels
  • Shipping and order tracking
  • cart compatibility
  • 2Checkout cart compatibility
  • Square cart compatibility
  • LinkPoint cart compatibility
  • Google Checkout compatibility
  • PayPal cart compatibility
  • UPS shipping quotes
  • USPS shipping quotes
  • FedEx shipping quotes
  • DHL shipping quotes
  • RSS news feeder
  • YouTube embedded videos


Here are some current examples:

Small Business Brochure Website
$800.00 + $100/mo for 2 years. At the end of 2 years we do a free redesign.
Small Business E-commerce Site
$1,400.00 + $100/mo for 2 years. At the end of 2 years we do a free redesign.
Small Business FIT Program
Custom SEO and Social Media Program
Call for Details
1 Page Armor Pamphlet Site
Email Marketing
$300.00 per email campaign
$150.00 per blog post

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