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"Fast, friendly, and accomodating"

Carla Damicone

"Honest, quality service. The staff told me exactly what needed to be fixed and did it for a very reasonable price. If you shop around, you will find that Armor Technologies' prices can't be beat!"

Alex da Silva

"I was very pleased that Armor Technologies was able to get to the root of the problems that have plagued us for 5 and a half years since we purchased this computer."

Sue and Harry Huhta

"Knowledgeable about the problem and quick response."

Lauren Foster

"Honest, straight-forward, personable."

Dan Prombo

"My experience at Armor was a great one. My computer crashed at the worst possible time and I needed to quickly recover data. The guys there were nice and very helpful. I dropped it off late in the afternoon one day and it was ready the next morning. My computer now runs perfectly. "

Tyler Brockett

"My experience was great. I've been here twice now and they are good at what they do. They are very fast to reply to any inquiries. "

Cesar Leanos

"I could go on and on about the great level of customer service! I was visiting the area from out-of-state and had several meetings throughout the day, and my computer is a necessity. I came in because it had completely stopped working and they immediately began working on my machine to try and resolve the problems. They tried everything that they absolutely could to get my computer up and running, however the part that was needed was required to be ordered. Luckily, they were kind enough to let me utilize one of the refurbished machines that they had on hand, so that I can complete the last few tasks that I had for the day. I'm very grateful for the hospitality and the assistance provided. I highly recommend them to anyone. "

Cheyenne Robinson

"This place is the most honest and straight forward computer repair in the area. They saved me money on repairing an older PC. I would recommend them without any hesitation."

Chuck Last

"I have had these guys not only do my website, that is where half my customers find me, but they have built my computers and worked with them to display my framing slide shows and artists at my shop. I recommend them to everyone."

Ken Evans

"The guys at Armor were great. David and his team were friendly and professional. When the site launched I couldn't have been happier with the result. We have seen an increase in business since we hired Armor to build our site. I'd recommend them to anyone who needs i.t. work done."

Jerry Osland

"Our company started using Armor Technologies recently and they have been very helpful and available when needed!"

Lori Mathey

"These guys have affordably fixed several of our computers and just did a new website for us too. I stop in their shop all the time to pick up more parts for my network. They have always done a good job at a fair price and I would recommend them to anyone."

Joe Balli

"They have repaired several of my computers over the years. I have found them to be professional and knowledgeable with fair prices. After going to a big box store, Armor is a welcome change and an asset to downtown DeKalb."

Karl Zeimetz

"Professional and fast. Was going to attempt to do the repair myself to save cost, but after getting a quote from Armor Tech, it ended up being cheaper to have them do it. Recommend them! Thanks for fixing my computers LCD screen."

Zachary Flagg

"My computer was crashing and I knew it was related to the power supply, so I decided to bring it in for them to swap it out. Turns out the only problem with the power supply was the cooling fan on the power supply was jammed. However, instead of just swapping out the power supply and charging me more than was required, they instead fixed the fan and saved me a TON of money and got my computer back to me the same day. They are great about getting work done on time and, if they take far longer than expected, they might even give you some type of reimbursement (such as if you spent extra to expedite the job but it still took a long time). Their workers are friendly, their prices are reasonable, and you don't need to worry about getting swindled. If you need repairs or any computer help, these guys are definitely worth looking up."

Ryan Blake Hughes-Fenchel

"I cracked my phone screen a couple months ago and took it to get fixed by the other repair place on Sycamore Road. After a few days the screen was started to pop off and I could actually pull the top of my screen off and look into my phone. Unfortunately for me I cracked my screen again and took it here to be replaced and have the bad repair from the last place fixed too. These guys did a great job and definitely have my business again if I just so happen to break my phone...again."

Jake Dodson

"Love supporting a local business that always goes above and beyond! We've had an ipod touch, iphone 4, ipad, and our desktop all repaired here. Reasonable prices and friendly, knowledgeable staff."

Sylvia Crownhart

"Took my computer to Best Buy, they said I'd need a new motherboard ($150) and $50 for installation, took it to Armor for a second opinion, they fixed the problem (some wires came loose in the graphics card) and ask I paid was $35!"

Louis Blocker

"I went there for my screen broken and for it all taken care off . I recommend this place for repairing."

Bu Shahad Al-ahmad

"Miles helped me fix my phone!! I was so desperate, but he solve the problem in one day!! Thanks again!!"

Kathleen Anna

"Had water damage to my phone. Took it in and they were able to fix it in 2 hours. Customer service was amazing."

Elyse Roberts

"Great and fast service! Excellent job done and great prices. Thank you!"

Jeff Weese

"Armor Tech was fast and helpful in helping us with a screen replacement...Thank you Armor Tech!!!"

Jennette Youngs

"Quick and great service. Fixed my iPhone screen in less than an hour!"

Rachel Hradecky

"Fast service! Couldn't ask them to do more when it's already much more!"

Cindy Marchetti

"Gave my laptop to get the lcd screen fixed. Happy they figured it out quick and solved the problem. Would recommend it to my friends."

Bharath Devara

"The service is good and fast,the repair cost is also cheap."

Sri Venkat

"They did an excellent job changing my iphone's screen."

Pamela Villavicencio

"Bought a heatsink and fan and they are the best fans i bought."

Trvor Gates

"Great service fixed my computer in no time. Fast fix also."

Isabella Pinckney

"They were quick and friendly! Excellent service"

Kyle Segura

"Had my iPhone 5s screen replaced great customer service."

Blake Toliver

"I had a situation in which I loss some data. I was pretty unconsolable as this information was absolutely necessary to retrieve. I really had thought that all hope was lost until I found out about Armor Technologies. I walked into the store (again thinking all hope was lost) and had also thought that even if the information was retrieved, #1 it would have to be sent out for a few days and #2 it would be astronomically expensive. Adam was working at the store and immediately put my mind to ease. He was so kind and reassuring. He said "give me a couple hours" and I will see what I can do. I thought "oh my goodness" I don't even have to have it sent out? They will look into it right at the store?! Can you imagine I got that phone call back within that couple hours telling me that ALL OF MY DATA WAS RESTORED!!!!! And, not to mention it was unbelievably inexpensive. Adam and Armor Technologies I cannot stress to you how thankful, appreciative and grateful I am that you recovered my data. I will recommend you to anyone with any kind of issue! Thank you again!!!!!"

Maureen Schwartz

"Adam has worked on my computer a few times, I've always thought my laptop was un-salvageable, after a lot of hard work, he got it up and going for me again, and made sure I didn't lose my data... which of course was the most important thing to me"

Tifani Ann Johnson

"yes, forget Geek Squad! put your money into this LOCAL business! David and the crew know their stuff! when the time comes for a new machine, these are the people i will be seeing!"

James Nerstheimer

"They've knocked it out of the park whenever I've had a problem."

Josh Waddle

"Great place to go"

Jeremy Phillips

"I brought my laptop in here because It had had a really tricky problem, and, after a number of attempts, your techs nailed it. They did a top notch job of troubleshooting the problem. It's running better than it did when I first purchased it. I just wanted to let you know about that. It wasn't a run-of-the-mill trouble shooting job, and they systematically figured it out and fixed it...very impressive."

Jeffrey Bacon

"I don't have a Google account-so could not post my review...Anyways after some major tweaking my Sony Vaio is up and running!! Besides the initial work performed on my Sony-Elizabeth spent countless hours bring my computer back to life...Am very pleased with the service.. Great ,friendly staff. .Definitely am recommending Armor Techs to anyone that has electronic problems...Thank you again... Mary"